This complex form carries out several processes in the background, allowing a car dealer to first get a quoted price and then to order vehicle delivery and complete payment.

The main features of the form:

  • Client-editable cost variables
  • Client-editable discount routes and discount values
  • Instant customer quote
  • Client notifications for sales follow up
  • Address search
  • Chassis search
  • Make/model retrieval
  • Payment or place on customer account

The first part of the form gathers initial details: collection and delivery address, number of vehicles and contact information. A third party API was used to instantly present addresses for entered postcodes.

After proceeding to the next stage, the user is presented with a quote. In the seconds it takes that page to load, a series of events are fired in the background. Google Maps API is used to calculate the exact distance, which is then entered into a complicated formula, with cost variables the client can edit at any time, to generate a quoted price for the user.

At the same time, a list of over 1000 vehicle models has been downloaded via another API to allow the user to search for and select. The form also allows users to enter a vehicle registration which instantly populates the chassis field using another API.

Once all details are entered, and payment is made, the order details are sent via API direct to the client’s ERP, ready for the planning teams to process. Finance is notified that a payment has been made. The form also allows a customer to login at the first stage, which allows payment to be by-passed, and the order will be placed on their credit account.