Paul: Chief Web Design Officer

Distinguishing features: Leather elbow patches, hipster glasses, the makings of a beard.

I’ve designed websites for business big and small. No project is the same and each project throws up new challenges and great solutions. I work with you and/or your brand to create something that your business suits, your customers love, your prospects respond to and will make your competitors jealous.

Paul: Chief Web Development Officer

Distinguishing features: Thick glasses, Simpsons tie, cans of high energy drinks that are banned in 8 countries.

With a degree in Computing Science and over 10 years web development experience, I have built and worked on dozens of websites for a variety of businesses. I’ve worked with many front-end and server-side languages as well as a variety of content management systems.

Paul: Chief Digital Marketing Executive

Distinguishing features: Mobile device in hand, social media loaded, marketing books on the shelf.

I’ve worked in marketing departments for nearly 10 years. I work alongside executives, managers and directors to help shape and implement marketing and business strategy. I help push up web traffic, website conversions and inevitable meetings and sales.

The others

In all projects you will work with me directly. There are times I bring in additional resources from a pool of trusted professionals. Their skillsets include:

  • Email marketing templates
  • Graphic design & illustration (brochures, factsheets, infographics, logo, branding)
  • Marketing research